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Tapas Maiti was born on 06th January 1982. He has completed his Bachelor of Visual Arts (1st Class) from Government Art College of Art & Craft, Calcutta University (Kolkata) in 2006. Now He lives and works in New Delhi.

He has exhibited his works in innumerous Group Shows and Solo Exhibitions All across India. His works are a part of many collections also in U.K., USA , & Germany.

Tapas Loves to explore his art through various mediums. His works are Filled with Vibrance and backed with an energetic force in the Brush strokes, Still Managing to Keep his work close to Nature and its surroundings. Even Though there is vibrance in the forms he creates. There is a certain lyrical balance that creates certain calmness in the viewers mind.

His Art Shows a certain experimentation he means to explore profusely to "Boggle the Viewers Mind".

Ruki Chatterjee
New Delhi, India

The Personal Quest

As I look around, I find a lot of non-artists. Nothing bad about that death, provided such people (most in the big cities) have an inner life of their own. Not a murky stream of consciousness, but purposive stream of meaning and questioning. When this is not in evidence, it is best by dint of labour to build a canal that feed the soil we stand on. This may well be done by artists with profit. Life is the richer, thanks to the artists engagement with paint and brush.

Maiti does this by his very nature. Amd this process must continue in favour at an ampler existence.

Maiti adds to beauty to the collection spirit. So he has composition that please. All Luck to him. May he enrich us with the firemarks of supreme vision.

Keshav Malik

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